on the Establishment of the International Corporation (Hub)

for the Management of Sustainable Development Projects


[ ____________, ____________ 2019 ]



The European Union, [International Monetary Fund], [African Union], [Organization for Democracy and Economic Development – GUAM], [The Shanghai Cooperation Organization – SCO], [Association of South East Asian Nations - ÀSEÀN], [Union of South American Nations - UNASUR], International scientific consortium Information and Marketing Centre,

The Heads of State/Government of countries – coordinators: Ukraine, [________ ], [________ ];


Guided by the norms and principles of international law, the provisions enshrined in the Charter of the United Nations,

Reaffirming the need for a transition to sustainable development, which is determined by the decisions of the UN Conference on Sustainable Development "Rio+20: The future we want" (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 20-22 June 2012), the UN General Assembly Summit on 25-27 September 2015 "Transforming our world: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development",

Understanding sustainable development as a new civilizational model of future development, which is able to smooth out the peak values of economic super-cycles (K-waves) (avoiding the cycles of world wars, crises, social upheavals), achieve harmonization of the relationship “man-nature-society”, and also ensure effective measures to fighting climate change,

Recognizing that today we live in a more complex world that requires a planetary consciousness in solving global problems, greening technologies, as well as the institutionalization of innovation, first of all, the Digital Economy and the Internet,

Noting that the current economic model is complemented by a new dimension of the Digital Economy, which creates a new reality with structural mobility of processes, new activities, the formation of new institutions and further development of democracy on the basis of democratic individualism,

Realizing the importance of the deployment of new mechanisms for the promotion of goods and services to world markets to ensure inclusive economic growth within new sustainable consumption and production patterns,

Recognizing the importance of reproduction and ensuring the viability of natural ecosystems, the protection of biodiversity, and the importance of combating climate change and its effects, which require new ecological standards and large-scale geo-ecological projects in the framework of international investment programs (such as the Investment Plan for Europe (EC IPE) - the “Juncker Plan”), which are focused on building resilient infrastructure, promoting inclusive and sustainable industrialization and fostering innovation,

Being aware of the growing threat of "climate chaos" and the urgency of measures to combat climate change, which require new forms of international cooperation and new governance models to coordinate the efforts of many stakeholders,

Realizing that the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals is ensured through the implementation of complex global and regional projects that combine economic, social and environmental strategies, which leads to the growth of productive employment, the filling of state budgets, the development of entrepreneurship, corporate, banking and financial sectors of the economy, as well as to a substantial improvement of the natural environment,

Recognizing that to achieve Sustainable Development Goals, we need more effective, democratic and accountable international and multilateral institutions to improve international coordination for sustainable development and mobilizing national and international resources,

Noting that international organizations under international treaties can be given the authority of the government bodies to coordinate the elimination of effects of climatic disasters or conflicts that could lead to military action,

Taking into account the fact that global society has the means and is endowed with the resources to address the challenges of sustainable development confronting all humanity;

1.   Declare the establishment of an international organization - "The International Corporation (Hub) for the Management of Sustainable Development Projects" (hereinafter - the International Hub), with headquarters in ______________ .

2.   Emphasize that the activities of the International Hub aim to implement sustainable development projects to ensure economic growth, productive employment, increasing welfare and harmonization of business, nature and society, which requires the combined efforts of international organizations, governments, business and society. 

3.   Confirm that the current crisis and the “global economic reset”, caused by the acceleration of innovation and the fundamental renewal of the productive forces of society, require high rates of investment and concentration of capital to modernize the technological, economic, social and environmental infrastructure.

4.   Emphasize that ensuring inclusive economic growth is possible within the framework of new sustainable consumption and production patterns based on new mechanisms for promoting goods and services to world markets.

5.   Declare that the development of the Internet, the Digital Economy and Artificial Intelligence opens up a “window” of opportunities for the development of private property, expanding market relations and creating safe management systems, but the institutionalization of these innovations is possible only at the international level.

6.   Emphasize that the current development of technology should be combined with the deployment of a sustainable ecological infrastructure that provides protection, reproduction and rational use of natural ecosystems in order to meet the material, aesthetic and spiritual needs of a numerically growing population.

7.   Confirm that the implementation of large-scale science-intensive geo-ecological projects to counter climate change requires new forms of international cooperation involving many stakeholders and combining the efforts of international organizations, governments, business and society.

8.   Advocate for the deepening of economic, trade and scientific cooperation between countries in the field of sustainable development, the Digital Economy and confronting the climate change.

9.   Emphasize the interest of the international organizations, States Parties of the International Hub in the further development of partnerships with other countries and organizations in the implementation of joint projects of sustainable development.

10.   Declare that "The International Corporation (Hub) for the Management of Sustainable Development Projects" is open for accession of other international organizations and states sharing its goals and principles.